'TransLucent-Reef of Belize' Organic Scarf

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Grab your own piece of shimmering blue paradise in this pure, soft organic scarf. Dive into a colorway inspired by the great Blue Hole, to accent an array of great looks with the beautiful blues and purples of this stunning abstract art print in this scarf. Add color and style to any of your outfits, from casual jeans to elegant dresses and feel the confident beauty that comes from being true to yourself. Reflect your mindful life, be your extraordinary self. Made in USA with earth-safe, cruelty-free production.

Design: TransLucent  Color: Reef of Belize (73)  Size: Signature Wide (Size 1)
Also in: Maui Sun (71), 'Style-n-Go' Infinity, 'Beau Monde' Infinity

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