TransLucent-Reef of Belize-Organic Sateen Infinity Scarf 'Beau Monde'

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Dive into the glistening blues and purples shimmering in this scarf inspired by the wondrous Great Blue Hole of Belize, in rich and soft organic sateen. Luscious for a substantial and cozy scarf, in our double-loop 'Beau Monde' size. For your busy days to style in a flash, and to take on weekends away, for soft comfort and chic looks that'll keep up with you all day. Great for your travels, too whether near or far. An extraordinary art-print scarf for simply gorgeous style. Cruelty & toxin free, it's made in America.

Design: TransLucent  Color: Reef of Belize (73)  Size: 'Beau Monde' Infinity (INF1)
Also in: Maui Sun (71)Style-n-Go Infinity (INF2), Signature Wide (Size 1)

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