Follow these simple loving-care steps and you'll enjoy your scarves for years to come.

Beau Monde Organics Signature scarves are made of untreated organic fabrics. We use a 
semi-sheer voile and lustrous opaque sateen for our scarves. Our VIDA scarves are of silk and natural fiber blends that also need special care. In fact, all your luxury scarves should be treated with the gentle care. These instructions also are applicable to any of your fine lingerie or clothing made of delicate natural fabrics.

  - Avoid contact with abrasive or highly textured surfaces, to avoid damage to fabric or prints.
  - Use caution to avoid contact with direct heat or open flames.
  - Hand wash by soaking gently in cold water using an eco-friendly liquid soap, Roll in towel, lay flat or hang to dry.
  - Iron scarf while slightly damp to smooth, if desired, with mist or steam iron, medium-high heat.

For detailed instructions on how to wash and iron a luxury scarf , continue reading below...

Hand Washing (Time: 5 minutes)

Follow these simple steps to clean your scarves in a way that will keep them in like-new condition for years.
- Soak scarf in cold water with a mild soap or handwash liquid for about 2-3 minutes. (eco, no phosphates)
  - Do not rub vigorously or use brushes; this may abrade or pill fabric or fade the print. Gently squeeze suds through. 
  - To remove an oil-based mark, a drop of grease-cutting detergent applied to the spot should release it, soak a minute more.
  - Rinse thoroughly by dipping in rinse water and gently squeezing under running water until all soap is removed.
  - Do NOT wring or twist, but gently squeeze out majority of water.
  - To extract remaining water, lay scarf flat onto large towel, roll scarf inside towel, press on all sides.
  - Lay scarf flat or hang over toweled rod to dry. If ironing smooth, let dry till damp, finish with iron.
  - Dry cleaning or machine washing not recommended. If machine washing, set cold, delicate cycle, short spin.

ironing-luxury-scarf-organic-silk-scarves-beau-monde-organics.jpgRecommended Method to Iron Natural Fiber Scarves (Time: 4 minutes)
Here's how to iron your Beau Monde organic fabric scarf or a silk or silk-blend scarf, which can be done quickly and easily. Untreated natural fibers wrinkle or crease;
an inherent feature of the natural fibers in the fabric. Air-drying allows wrinkles, which add textural interest to your scarf. Ironing smooths the surface, which increases the soft feel.

 - Press with iron on padded ironing board, medium-high to high heat.
 - Do not iron a dry scarf with a dry iron. Iron scarf when slightly damp or use steam iron or water-mist with dry iron.
 - You may use an ironing pad, mesh or a plain fabric sheet over your scarf while ironing, for extra protection.(optional)

 - For Signature oblong scarves: Use care when ironing along fold that divides front and back of the reversible scarves.
 - For Infinity Loop scarves: Iron small areas
at a time, hand smooth, then iron on med-high, rolling to avoid creasing.

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