'Paradise-Ocean Palms' Organic Sateen Resort Wrap Scarf

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Resort Wrap (Size 5: 20"x74") *

Call out your inner mermaid, be like the beautiful palm trees, swaying in a dreamy seascape. An art print scarf in soft pinks and blues to soothe your senses, in airy-light organic voile, to float on warm breezes. Relax in the paradise vibe, wrapped in a gorgeous scarf that goes anywhere your wanderlust takes you. Always beautiful, your new go-to accessory for a comfy feel and chic look while relaxing poolside, shopping for the perfect macarons or dining under the stars. This Beau Monde scarf accents your unique look and fits your independent spirit; make it your conscious style statement. Made for you with mindful love, it's hand-crafted in Los Angeles.

Design: Paradise  Color: Ocean Palms (87)  Size: Resort Wrap (Size 5)
Also in: Ocean Palms (87) - Voile

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