In line with our ethical mission, we're happy to share the story of how we produce our products, and let you know of the thoughtful care behind the design choices we make. Our decisions are made with mindful consideration for the planet and its inhabitants. It's why we say you can 'live beautifully' in your Beau Monde accessories. Our signature products are proudly designed, printed and made in the USA.

All our scarves are designed with you in mind, offering style choices to create your individualized look. Beau Monde Organics Scarves come in unique sizes. You can find each item's measurement here, and also in the 'Details' tab of each item's product page.
SIGNATURE OBLONGS: Reversible, lightweight; an exceptionally versatile scarf.
Size 1- Signature Wide: (7.25" x 74")
Size 2 - Signature Sleek: (5.75" x 74")
isual volume without the bulk, perfect for travel.
Size 4 - Petite Wrap Scarf:
(14.5" x 74")
Size 5 - Resort Wrap scarf: (20" x 74")
Size 6 - Square Wrap Scarf: (37" x 37")
SIGNATURE INFINITY: Organic infinity scarves for easy styling and sophisticated style.
Size INF1- Beau Monde: Double loop Infinity Scarf  (8"W x 58"C)
Size INF2 - Style-N-Go: Single loop Infinity Scarf  (7.25"W x 47"C)
NOTE: Due to hand-work, sizing on textile products varies.

All our beautiful fabrics are of high-quality woven 100% GOTS-Certified Organic materials.This assures they are grown, spun and woven and made with no pesticides, chemicals or toxic agents, pure from seed to scarf.

Voile: a lightweight, finely woven, semi-sheer organic cotton fabric.
Sateen: a medium weight, tightly-woven opaque organic cotton fabric with a lustrous sheen.
Muslin: a medium weight plain weave fabric we use for accessory lining. Color from plant-based non-toxic dyes. 
Hemp-Silk Charmeuse: A rare luxury hemp-silk, slightly textured, with a lovely softness. The silk in this blend is 'Ahimsa' or 'Peace' silk, and is approved for vegan use. It's a cruelty-free silk, as the silkworms are not killed, but allowed their full life-cycle. The abandoned cocoons are harvested for the silk fibers. This process takes many days longer to harvest and produces a more textured fabric, due to the shortened strands.
Sourcing: Our GOTS-Certified organic cotton fabrics are ethically grown and milled in India, the Hemp/Ahimsa Silk blend from China. We source our fabrics from our U. S. based textile importer/supplier, a family-run company committed to organic, sustainability and ethical practices for generations. They work directly with the farmers, spinning and weaving mills and their workers to assure their certified organics fabrics are safely and ethically produced, assuring truly premium textiles.
Fabric Printing: Our fabrics are printed with the colorful original artworks and patterns of Designer Stephanie Gale, using an exclusive eco-friendly digital process that is zero-waste, non-toxic, very low water and cruelty-free. It is special digital process that can print in eco-safe inks onto natural fibers. Not all digital printing is eco-friendly, and many methods can only print onto polyester fabric.
Thread: 100% Certified Organic cotton thread (GOTS-IGW Certified) All our Signature scarf products
are sewn with 100% Certified Organic cotton thread.
Special Note: We do not use polyester thread in our Signature pieces. This exceeds GOTS regulations, which allows a percentage of polyester thread in the production of certified organic apparel and accessories. Organic cotton thread breaks more easily, thereby increasing the sewing time spent on each piece, and ultimately, our costs. We've chosen to use this all natural organic cotton thread to adhere to our mission reduce the use of petroleum-based products or fibers. This helps reduce damage done to the earth from petroleum extraction. Whenever you choose our products over polyester or other oil-based synthetics, together we take steps towards a more 'Beau Monde'  ...a more 'Beautiful World'.

We're happy to offer an expanded range of beautiful and practical organic textile accessories.
Gadabout: Our Small size Lined Phone/Credit Card/Gadget Pouch
Beau Voyage: Our Mid-size Multi-Purpose Padded, Lined Phone/Travel/Cosmetic/Accessories Bag
Cosmopolitan: Our Larger Lined, Padded Luxury Clutch/Evening Purse/Accessories Bag

Organic Lavender Sachet Poufs
Size: 3.75" square sachet, plus 2" hang loop
Filling: GOTS and QAI Certified organic lavender buds, Inner Liner: biodegradable paper fiber
Fabric: GOTS Certified organic cotton voile, printed in water-based, non-toxic inks
Thread: GOTS Certified organic cotton thread, Hanging Loop: Certified organic undyed cotton ribbon
Organic Flaxseed and Lavender Eye Pillows
Size: 4.25" x 9"W,
Filling: QAI Certified organic flaxseed and lavender, Fabric: GOTS Certified organic fabric cover
Organic Eye Pillow Slip-On Cases
Size: 4.75" x 9.75"W, Fabric: GOTS-Certified organic cotton voile, printed in water-based, non-toxic inks.
Sewn with GOTS-Certified organic cotton thread.