'TransLucent-Maui Sun' Organic Scarf

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You'll shimmer and glow like a glittering sunset over the ocean in this glorious art print scarf. The colors of a Maui sunset can be yours every day in this exceptional scarf of soft organic voile. Add sparkle to your style, and a pop of color to any outfit. If you love weekend getaways or global travel adventures, this scarf is perfect; it fits easily into your purse or luggage and it's versatile enough to add extra looks to your wardrobe, without adding bulk. Made in USA with earth-safe, cruelty-free production. Aloha!

Design: TransLucent  Color: Maui Sun (71)  Size: Signature Wide (Size 1)
Also in: Sea of Belize (73), 'Style-n-Go' Infinity (INF2), 'Beau Monde' Infinity (INF1)

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