It was an honor to be selected and invited to join VIDA, a visionary eco, ethical and philanthropic
platform for art and accessories. Accepting this invitation puts me in the company
of an amazing group of international artists, all working in collaboration with VIDA.

It is my pleasure to offer you my
'Stephanie Gale X VIDA' Collection, via  my shop on the VIDA website.
Check the Collection link often, as the designs, as well as the product offerings, change often.


My Collection on VIDA includes favorite and new designs, and with some exclusive creations.
It makes an expanded selection of scarf styles possible, adding new luscious fabrics and products for you.
VIDA custom-produces and ships all your orders.
Please note delivery times and production areas in product descriptions.
Some are printed in USA, many
are printed in VIDA's exclusive, ethically run textile workshops in India.

My art prints are now available on the following scarf styles in premium specialty fabrics:
  • Silk Squares Luscious full-size silk squares, every scarf-lover's dream.
  • Silk Pocket Squares, colorful small squares for the well-dressed gentleman and
    women love them as chic color accents on a purse, as a hair tie or a wrap-bracelet for wrist or ankle.
  • Modal Panels Sumptuous, sustainably-produced eco-rayon, made from European beechwood.
  • Cashmere Blend Panels; Cashmere/Modal and Cashmere/Silk, ultimate blends for luxurious softness.

    Click image to Shop 'Meditation' pure silk-charmeuse square scarf.

Hope you'll enjoy shopping with VIDA, knowing that every purchase Gives Back, supporting
math & literacy programs to enrich the lives of the very people who make your VIDA products.

Thanks so much for your support of our partner shops!
stephanie- xo♥

Vida connects socially responsible shoppers with beautiful, exclusive, eco-friendly apparel and accessories
by partnering with designers,
artisans, craftspeople and small business manufacturers from around the world.
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