Porto-Marine Organic Sateen Infinity 'Style-n-Go' Scarf

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In a print that echoes the tiled beauty of ancient towns, this scarf adds a chic touch to your look. Beautifully perfect while sipping your wine at sunny seaside cafes. A no-fuss infinity that easily adds dramatic style, and it's so comfy and never too long, too hot or bulky. The jewel-like ocean inspired the gorgeous deep blue color and the pure organic reflects your eco conscious mindset. Dress up your wanderlust and be ready for any adventure, in mindful style. Made with love and hand-crafted care in Los Angeles, just for you.

Design: Porto  Color: Marine (88)  Size: 'Style-n-Go' Infinity (INF2)
Also in: Cobblestone (89), Riverbank (90)

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